Sunday, April 24, 2011

Totally Tilda is Paper Piecing!

Over at Totally Tilda challenges this round we are asking you to do some paper piecing. It is so much fun I am not sure why I don't do it more often!

Did you catch that? Did ya? is.......exactly what you think it is! Stop rubbing your eyes you are seeing correctly although, you may start rubbing them again if you get too close! What is the fuss about you ask? My daughter thought I was totally nuts when I told her I was going to put my kitchen scraps on my card and there it is! I was clearing off the cupboard the next morning after supper (too lazy to do the dishes after supper and low and behold there was the top off my onion, all curled up and I thought "How pretty is that! I looks like a flower!" My daughter was mortified, she said straight away "What are they gonna think when you give it to them and it stinks like onion!" "Well darlin, that is what body spray is for!" I told her. Couple of spritz's and it smells like....a rose!
And a close up of my lovely recycled onion!

Look how the onion skin matches the butterfly, that was so planned, not!

And, oh oh I finally got to use my new magnolia dragonfly dohickey that I got fer me birthday from me bestest friend ever Cor! Sorry Corry, it worked like a charm so I think yours is defective. Better send it back. Thanks baby for mine, which you can of course borrow anytime till you get yer new one!

Gonna enter this one over at Magnolia-licious challenges where the theme is Pink and Green. Oh, I am also gonna sneek this in over at Magnolia Stamp Lovers where the theme is flowers! Maybe my onion flower will catch their eye!

You make sure you head over to Totally Tilda and get your paper pieced creation in there!

XO Pickles!


Lori said...

Shut the hell up!!!! That onion is gorgeous!!!! You're brilliant and I want to borrow that die, I borrowed Corry's what a #%*#ing disaster, couldnt' even get one cut after about 100 tries, I sent it back. Wow the onion, amazing!!!!

Elly P said...

hi there,

What a super card!! ingenious...great blog too..newbie here but loving your site.


angelwhispers said...

Wow what a stunning card just love it!! I can see from your fab blog that you love Magnolias and wow you really make the most special cards!!! Love them Chanelle xxx

Candy said...

WOW your onion made the most beautiful flower!!!!
Isn't it wonderful how it matched Tilda's butterfly so well!
Tilda is awesome - love how she comes out of the frame.
Gorgeous card! Thanks so much for joining in our Magnolia-licious Challenge Blog :o)
Hugs, Candy

Cor* said...

Lori you can go fluff yourself, I know all about my defective dragonfly, but of course that's my luck.
PICKLES- you have rocked the house with your leftover ONION. Onions are my fave andyou know where I live should this card need a home! LOL Can't wait for coffee!

chrissy xx said...

I can't believe I am making a comment about a blooming onion! But I am lol. It looks Fabulous!!! Great card with Great colours. LOve your onion! LOve your card!

Iulia said...

Oh, this is so beautiful! Great zcoloring and that flower looks fabulous!
Hugs, Iulia- new follower:)

Teresa said...

What a stunning card xx